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Food grade delivery to a brand new product line at KP Snacks

KP Snacks new product rangeCustomer

KP Snacks, a leading UK manufacturer of iconic maize, potato & nut based snacks & brands that millions of people enjoy every day.


  • Provide delivery of 2 new ingredients (corn flour & corn starch powder) to an already congested production line
  • Brand new snack product
  • Space limitations
  • Combustible powders


  • Two new ingredient vacuum receivers with loss-in-weight feeders to deliver corn flour & starch powder using our existing sack tip plus a new one.
  • Existing exhausters used for vacuum pneumatic sending the product through a sieve onto a receiver
  • One receiver & feeder assembly required a large filter and is made wide & stout to fit in 2.4m height with 20mm to spare. The other stands in the very small space available so is made narrow & tall
  • Explosion panels & flame arrestors made to fit
  • Level sensors note high & low fill points


  • Effective & accurate delivery despite space limitations
  • ATEX compliant & fitted with explosion protection

“Aptech designed a final solution that is un-complicated & very effective despite the severe space constraints” – Project Engineer for KP Snacks


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