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Pressure conveying

Pressure conveying : The conventional lean phase pneumatic conveying system employing a blower, metering valve, conveying pipeline, receiver and vent filter.
Pressure conveying systems can operate at higher pressures than vacuum conveying systems, resulting in higher conveying rates for each pipe size.
Air is delivered using a blower for duty point pressures up to around 900mbarg.

Throughputs of products up to 100-150TPH can be achieved.  Pressure Conveying distances up to 700-800m
Limitations of a systems capability will be determined by the scale of the equipment and power absorption required for the correct pressures and air flows.

Our sizing software reports velocity and pressure gradient for the route. This enables us to select the optimum pipe sizes and where possible increase it at critical points along the system to reduce velocities, pressures, wear and power consumption.

Our experiences have taught us the importance of careful design of system geometry as well as the way particulates behave in air streams.
Separation of air and product takes place in the receiver. The geometry of the receiver and the selection / sizing of the filter are also key factors in a successfully designed pressure conveying system.

Typical Pressure Conveying System

Pressure conveying system less return

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