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An original, innovative design by Aptech.

Aptech’s own FIBC neck clamping arrangement, developed to help abolish dust and/or loss of product when emptying big bags.

A 2 ply rubber foam seal has been tried & tested throughout the development process to ensure no loss of product occurs through folds, pleats or ruffles of the bag neck.

Adding this to your big bag discharge system will:

  • help abolish dust and/or loss of product when emptying.
  • reduce exposure of product to the operator.
  • make untying the neck safe and simple by keeping both hands free.

If optional extras are chosen you can also:

  • speed up the process by articulating the seal downwards after connection to stretch the neck and automatically increase the flow of less dense product.
  • eliminate mess & dust clouds when disposing of the emptied big bags with vacuum compaction disposal.

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