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Feeding, metering, weighing and filling


  • Using screw, vibratory, mechanical or gravity feeders of various configurations, precision dosing of batches or continuous flow-rates is achieved for very cohesive to very free flowing materials.
  • Where discrete particles are identifiable within a process, individual part counting can also be integrated.
  • We understand the importance of conditioning materials so that they present to the feeder in as consistent a way as possible. This can be achieved in a variety of ways and our experience extends from fine powders to 50mm diameter spheres.

Weighing / Measurement

  • We have undertaken weighing batches of several tonnes or down to 10’s of grams for a wide range of products. Commonly, applications use the shear beam loadcell technology which we configure in optimum arrangements to enable ease of set up, calibration and maintenance.
  • Using ‘Force-Balance’ technology weighing precision of up to +/-10mg has been achieved routinely for a highly sensitive product. Our self learning inflight correction software along with processing a mixture of raw and filtered weight signals gives the benefit of a system which continually tunes feeding rates and switching points and still allows the most rapid weighing cycles to be achieved.
  • We frequently engineer systems and assemblies for both loss in weight and gain in weight processes which require a careful consideration of the overall weight capacity of a system and the precision and accuracy requirements of a specific process. Systems also benefit from optimum isolation of external influences from the weighing process which are commonplace in most industrial settings
  • Our control and automation capabilities allow bespoke data acquisition and processing for further analysis by the end user. Our awareness of the requirements of Trade Approved weighing systems and the statistical methods used to monitor a system’s capability is often a benefit we can bring to a feeding and weighing project.
  • For volumetric feeding and measuring applications, we have managed consistency and repeatability by using distance sensing technology


  • Road Tanker / Road Vehicles, FIBC’s, bag, tub or other receptacle filling for road transport, sale or further processing is often integrated into feeding and weighing projects we undertake.

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