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Aptech hired for their specialist knowledge in pneumatic conveying

Francis Flower, a key supplier of GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag), recently commissioned one of the largest storage silos in the UK.

Customer demand for the powdered iron and steel by-product drastically increased since the Government’s change in environmental legislation. At their Runcorn facility, Francis Flower erected a 3000m³ silo to permit fast ship unloading and then delivering the material to remote existing storage above road tanking filling locations.


Aptech were hired for their specialist knowledge in pneumatic conveying to size and calculate the duty point required for a new blower to convey 30TpH of GGBS from the 3000m³ silo to the road tanker filling storage silo approximately 100m away and 20m high.

Due to the narrow and restricted site area located between dockside and estuary, a limited choice of pipe routing and configuration was available.

Aptech worked with the client, interpreting their requirements and understanding constraints to provide a successful system for the critical part of the process.


When approaching any client’s project or process we give an unbiased opinion on potential solutions and remedial measures. Where possible we utilise current assets and maximise existing equipment potential.

Whether for entirely new systems or to make small alterations to one currently in place, our customer focus helps to provide solutions which ensure best return on investment in terms of capital expense and lifetime costs.

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